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Paper/Abstract Submission

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    Submission of Extended Abstract

        Extended Abstract should be a brief description of your work, and it can highlight the main contribution of your presentations. Any graph, chart, diagram, scheme or table for a better understanding of your work will be highly encouraged. Because of the limitation on the number of pages that can be published in the proceedings, the length of the extended abstract is limited to a maximum of two A4 pages. Attendees should submit the Extended Abstract of ISFRMT2020 through the symposium e-mail address as isfrmt@126.com. The submitted Extended Abstract will be subjected to the reviewing procedure by the invited members of the Scientific Committee of ISFRMT2020.

        Click the links to download: [ Extended Abstract Template ]

  •     Poster Presentation

    1. Display Board

        A display board with 180 cm high and 80 cm wide will be provided for each poster presentation, the dimension of the poster is 120 cm high and 80 cm wide.

    2. General Appearance

        The poster presentation should include the title, abstract, main text (including figures and/or tables, diagrams) and conclusions. Please include your contact information (names, affiliation, address, phone, fax, e-mail). Please use the appropriate size lettering to make your poster be read clearly. Color in the poster presentation is recommended to make it more effective. Textual and graphic illustrations should be kept simple and effective.

    3. In addition to posters, each poster offers a verbal introduction of 1 min.

    4. Presentation

        Authors or their representative must be in attendance to present their poster and the poster presentation should be carried out during the Poster Session time.

    5. The excellent posters will be awarded by the Organizing Committee of the Symposium. The winners will be selected by the members of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium. Attendees including postgraduates and undergraduates who present a poster at the symposium are eligible for Best Poster Award. If you are a student poster author, please take a special logo at the registration site to stick on your poster.